Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

The motion of electrically charged particles produces emf. Waves travel through space as well as through air; therefore, it is possible to come into contact with electronic devices every time. Laptop, computers, phones and other devices can be very harmful to our bodies. Many studies have revealed that frequent use of technological devices causes various illnesses because of a breakdown of the cellular level.

Here are some effects of radiation:

1. Endocrine and hormonal systems.

Electromagnetic exposure can cause a steroid hormone level to drop from a normal state to dangerous levels. Other hormones level increases with initial exposure. It can cause danger in your body leading to reduction of insulin in your body. The endocrine system regulates body growth metabolism; therefore, when affected, they destroy several organs in your body.

2. Hormonal problems

Electronic waves can cause a big problem, especially for young people. Prolonged exposure can cause a significant drop in your hormones, lower sex urge and increase levels of immediate abortion. It is very dangerous because it can cause a lack of children.

3. Oxidative stress and free radical damage

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between radical and antioxidants in your body. Also, free radicals can help to fight pathogens in your body.

4. Cancer

There are approximately 15 different types of radiations that are capable of causing cancer in people. Most common types are brain cancer, acoustic neuromas, salivary cancer and some other two types that are all caused by the use of cell phones.

5. DNA cellular attacks

These produce the most crucial changes in a mutation that causes cancer both in human beings and animals and progresses even to future generations. The effects discussed above create symptoms in our bodies, some which we can feel and others that we don’t.

Caution should, therefore, be taken to avoid contact with these waves as their effects are fatal and long term.